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Before a Scout begins working with a merit badge counselor, he is to have a discussion with his unit leader that he wants to earn a specific badge. Proof that a discussion has been held is indicated by the unit leader's signature on the Application for Merit Badge, No. 34124, commonly called the "blue card." Although it is the unit leader's responsibility to see that at least one merit badge counselor is identified from those approved and made available, the Scout may have one in mind with whom he would like to work. The unit leader and Scout should come to an agreement as to who the counselor will be. The Scout must be allowed to work with the counselor of his choice, so long as the counselor is registered as a counselor for that specific badge and has been approved by the council advancement committee.

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Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge

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Name Contact Info Location  
Danielle Marie Erley (706) 575-6321
Kiokee River District
Evans, GA
Gregory Francisco 7065332857
Kiokee River District
Evans, GA
Helen Alberta Bennett (706) 860-4825
Georgia-Carolina Council District
Evans, GA
Wendy Burnett 8033002448
Yamasee District
Aiken , SC